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Tejaswi Display is a leading Portable Display, Portable Exhibition Kit Company in India, Offering widest range of Portable Display Solutions. We have extensive range of solutions that support vast industries.

We offer range of solutions for Banner Stands, Backdrops, Catalogue Stand, Portable Backdrops, Umbrellas, Promotion Counters, Promo Kiosks, Promotional Display Products etc for Brand Activation and Promotional Activities Globally

Different Types of Reusable Backdrop in Market ?

There are vast number of Reusable Backdrops Available in Market that are reusable, portable, easy to carry and installed in minutes. These Reusable Backdrops can be a Banner Standee, Popup Backdrop, Velcro Backdrop, Magnetic Backdrop, Adjustable Backdrop, Modular Backdrop and so on.

There are list of objectives for selecting a Reusable Backdrop: It could be Budget Constraint, Number of Exhibitions where the same backdrop to be reused etc. However depending on the utility the products can be taken, however there are some factors that needs to be considered while selecting these Reusable Backdrops.

Banner Standee as Backdrop:

There are bigger sizes of Banner Standees available in the market that can be purchased or customized as per your requirement. However issue with Banner standee if you are going for larger size say 6 ft x 6.5 ft is carrying them, as in this case the base stand will be 6 ft length makes it difficult to carry. You can find Banner Stand here : Types of Banner Stand. Also These Standees are offered in vast different qualities in materials and Prints so ensure purchased for correct source.

Popup Backdrops:

These Backdrops are widely used in the markets due to they portability, reusability etc and creates a great impact to the target audience. However ensure you purchase from right source as there are great different qualities in the market and just for pricing purpose end up purchasing one that are not durable at all. You can find Various Types of Popup backdrops here: Popup Backdrops

Modular Kit:

Modular Exhibition Kit in Mumbai is widely used in the market for the portability and reusability of  the system in the market. Modular Exhibition Kits provide great concept for various usage in Exhibitions, Display, Events, Corporate Offices etc with multiple usability and easily carried systems for reusage. Modular Exhibition Kits provide great flexibility of usage and easily set in minutes for execution. For Details on Modular Kit Visit : Modular Kits

Adjustable Backdrop:

These Adjustable Backdrop Standoffer attractive, high-impact solutions for a trade show booth, false wall, visual barrier, or backdrop. Lightweight, adjustable in both height and width, and cost-effective, these stands provide excellent value for yourdisplay needs. Adjustable Backdrop Stand extends fully to 8 ft. tall x 8 ft high to hang Step and Repeat Backdrops. Set-ups and breaks down in minutes.  Can be customized to minimum size of 4 ft x 4 ft and extended to 8 ft x 8 ft as per your setup requirement. For Details on Adjustable Backdro Visit : Adjustable backdrop

These are just some of the Backdrops to cover, apart from these can also create fabricated options in backdrop though that will be one time use. For further details on backdrop mail us at enquiry@tejaswi.biz


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