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Tejaswi Display is a leading Portable Display, Portable Exhibition Kit Company in India, Offering widest range of Portable Display Solutions. We have extensive range of solutions that support vast industries.

We offer range of solutions for Banner Stands, Backdrops, Catalogue Stand, Portable Backdrops, Umbrellas, Promotion Counters, Promo Kiosks, Promotional Display Products etc for Brand Activation and Promotional Activities Globally

Magnetic Backdrop

Magnetic Backdrops are a great Backdrops that are collapsible, fold-able, reusable for any Exhibitions,  Events, Presentation, Promotions, Site Office Branding, Commercials, Malls etc. These Magnetic Backdrop are high quality structures customized to fit various sizes and configurations in various shapes and structures.

We offer highly customized Magnetic Backdrop that can be made to fit various sizes and shapes as per client requirement. Structure can be modified to Straight or Curve as per client requirement. These Structures are great tools for any kind of Backdrop requirement and easily setup in minutes.

Magnetic Backdrop Includes

– Aluminum Back frame structure

– High Quality Print Panels

– Lights as per system

– Carry Case for easy transportation



– Compact Unit

– Reusable System

– Durable System

– Minimum Installation and Dismantling Time

– Recommended for International and Domestic Travel

We customize the Backdrop as and how it is required. For details Email us at Enquiry@tejaswi.biz

For Printing Magnetic Backdrop: Magnetic Backdrop Print Solution

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