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Tejaswi Display is a leading Portable Display, Portable Exhibition Kit Company in India, Offering widest range of Portable Display Solutions. We have extensive range of solutions that support vast industries.

We offer range of solutions for Banner Stands, Backdrops, Catalogue Stand, Portable Backdrops, Umbrellas, Promotion Counters, Promo Kiosks, Promotional Display Products etc for Brand Activation and Promotional Activities Globally

Portable Presentation Combo Kit

Portable Presentation Combo Kits are highly personalized and tailored to fit a requirement for Presentation of brand in Corporates, Malls, Commercial, Property Sites etc as to offer your brand to the venues. These Portable Presentation Combo Kits are one of the most desired and used structures in the industry.

Our Portable Presentation Combo Kits are highly flexible systems with benefits of using the structures the way you want in desired fashion. We are developing these custom packages due to vast customer demands of these combos at vast demands from various clients,as to get special price benefit over buying pcs and also if you have the discount coupons gain more discounts on the packages at highly reduced pricing.

We are offering below Portable Presentation Combo Kits for limited time offer till the stock last and available only for limited number of coupons and individuals too. So Hurry and select the combo you are looking for and will arrange to send you the coupon if available. We are only availing these discount coupons for first 30 application with successful execution.

These combos are already at discounted rate compared to individual purchase and if you avail for Coupons you get additional discount too.

Select your Portable Presentation Combo Kit Coupon Today:


Portable Exhibition Combo Kit- TD3S-06


Portable Exhibition Combo Kit- TD3S-07


You may also see Portable Exhibition Combo Kit for Shell Scheme Stalls to avail for the coupon on the respective category at

3 x3 mtr Shell Scheme Portable Exhibition Combo Kit

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