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How to Care for Trade Show Pop-Up Displays ?

Your pop-up display will provide excellent reusability and service for a considerable amount of time if you ensure proper care and handling.

In this article we provide some simple tips and suggestions on how to prolong the work life of your pop-up display.

Always roll the graphic panels with the printed side outside – Look at the way your graphic panels arrived in the shipping case and notice that they were rolled with the printed face outside. When you roll with the printed side inside there is an increased possibility of creasing the laminated layers as compared to when rolled with the printed face outside.

Roll loosely without tight bends – Be careful not to roll the graphics too tightly. Excessive force applied on the graphics can lead to creases and cracks that lead to permanent delamination. The best rule of thumb is to roll as loosely as possible.

If you are planning on storing your pop-up display over a long period of time, it is advisable to lay the graphic panels out flat with the printed face up on a protected surface once they’ve been transported back to your store room. It is good practice to unroll the graphic panels before a trade show so that they have a chance to flatten out.

Store the fabric covered panels first – If your pop-up display has panels covered with fabric store them in first along the inside walls of the shipping case. Then start storing the graphic panels with the printed face outside along the inside perimeter of the fabric panels, one at a time, until they are all stored in place.

Avoid exposing the graphics to moisture or heat – Always follow the standard instructions that come with your pop-up display package. Exposing the graphics to environments of extreme heat or moisture can lead to blurring or fading of the graphics. Make sure there is no moisture on the graphic panels before rolling them for storage and always store in a dry space.

Training the people in your staff who will be handling the display to follow these tips will ensure that your pop-up display will provide you long service.


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