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Tejaswi Display is a leading Portable Display, Portable Exhibition Kit Company in India, Offering widest range of Portable Display Solutions. We have extensive range of solutions that support vast industries.

We offer range of solutions for Banner Stands, Backdrops, Catalogue Stand, Portable Backdrops, Umbrellas, Promotion Counters, Promo Kiosks, Promotional Display Products etc for Brand Activation and Promotional Activities Globally

Exhibition Stand Management Ideas

The research is done. The exhibition has been chosen. The objectives are clear and stand management becomes top priority. A great deal of time and effort has been spent in getting this far, but the readiness of the staff manning the stand and their level of training, can make or break the event. They need to know:-

  • * What is expected of them, what are their daily targets?
  • * How the stand ‘works’ and what areas of it, they will be covering
  • * How are enquires taken, what information to collect and what to do with it.
  • * Who is responsible for the marketing collateral?
  • * What VIP visitors to look out for.

Do not neglect this area, it is the single most important part of exhibiting.

Pre exhibition Marketing

Don’t just rely on the organisers to attract visitors.

  • * be proactive with pre show mailers, advertising, promotions and give aways.
  • * take advantage of any press release opportunities offered by the show or relevant trade publications.
  • * consider sponsoring the event or putting advertising material in and around the venue.
  • * try adding an events section on your website, giving details of the show with stand number and news of what visitors can expect to see.

If the budget can stretch to accommodate these types of activities and their effectiveness can be measured, then pre exhibition marketing can go along way to ensuring you have a successful event.
Managing the leads

Please remember one of the main purposes of exhibiting at any exhibition is to obtain leads. These should be collected efficiently either by using a simple enquiry pad, or an electronic bar coder. Whatever method is chosen, ensure all the details regarding the client’s interests, are captured.

This information will allow a personalized letter to be sent, after the show, reiterating what was discussed, and maximizing the contact made.

For Exhibition Stall Management email on enquiry@tejaswi.biz

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