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Creating A Unique Jewellery Display at Exhibitions ?

There has been a great challenge in creating a unique Jewellery Display at Exhibitions / Trade Shows. For every individual jewellery there is always a better way of displaying the products as to get maximum visibility and to pull the target audience. Jewellery display needs to be concise and designed to core as to meet individual product requirement. Your jewelry display creates an atmosphere for your jewellery that when done properly can make your jewelry designs more desirable to your potential customers.

There are various do’s and dont’s to get maximum exposure of the product.

  1. There are various display available or customized considering the products to display and made to fit specific products in a desired manner. Each of these displays can be altered to offer better visibility of Jewellery.

  2. Displaying  Jewellery Flat on counters is not an idea, you can always create small stands that can display the product effectively. It can be a Mannequin for Necklaces, Holders for Earings etc.

  3. Using a background color for display can be challenging too. Generally people tend to use Blue or Red Velvet for display. However not necessary using the same colors can give better outlook to products. Can use subtle colors particularly if you sell more elegant jewelry or various color combinations to stand out the jewellery. Event Black and White combo can offer a great look based on the product.

  4. Be Creative in what you desire for displays. Think out of the Box when you think of concept, as We dont want to have the same display the next person in exhibition using. May be can hire an agency who can be a thinking hat for you.

  5. If Budget is constraint for display check out best possible options in the market and mix and match to fit your requirement. Sometimes the simplest of displays can create a great exposure to products.

  6. Lighting makes jewellery stand out. Get display with maximum lighting options to make your display look vibrant and visible from distant. Most simplest of  Jewelley can stand out in proper light.

  7. Display jewellery with space to breath. Don’t crowd your Jewellery too close together. Jewellery looks more special when it has space to breath and dont cluster the display like a store.

  8. Identify which jewellery to be displayed in front and which one to be at backside and display distinctively. No matter how good is the display if you are showing the wrong products in front it will not create desired impact.

  9. Plan your product before exhibitions well in advance, last moment creates a chaos and minimizes the desired output.

  • Place the Price Tags for each items and differentiate the design for tags based on products.
  • Plan a theme for exhibition to create uniqueness everytime.
  • Dont Carry on the same displays for exhibitions, make them unique.
  • Plan your Brochures for Exhibition based on your objective and make sure incorporate an accessible display in exhibition stand.
  • Create plan and offer to your Exhibition designer as to get right design in minimum time.
  • Create a zone for product discussion for elite customers and general crowd to differentiate
  • Give Away things that people will remember
  • Create Offers in Exhibition Stall to pull crowd to the stall

Last get a right Exhibition or Display Designer who can understand your requirement and create effective displays. For Further info contact us at enquiry@tejaswi.biz

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